• Wellness


    Wellness Exercise Sessions

    These sessions aim to educate, equip, and empower clients that have been discharged from physical therapy to transition into a wellness lifestyle of exercise and stretching while strongly considering the mobility precautions necessary to maintain physical therapy gains. Have you not worked with us for physical therapy but you still would like guidance to develop a safe exercise regimen? Good news! You can still schedule wellness exercise sessions at Starting Pointe Therapy and Wellness.

    “The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.”
    ― Unknown

    The simple fact is that our bodies were made to be mobile. Why would we want to continue to adopt a sedentary lifestyle when with exercise and mobility we can control our weight, reduce risk of heart diseases, manage blood sugar and insulin levels, improve mental health and mood, improve brain function, strengthen bones and muscles, reduce risk of cancer, reduce risk for falls, improve sleep, and increase your chances of living longer? Exactly, lets get moving!

    Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Sessions

    A woman’s body encounters so many drastic changes in a small period of time during pregnancy. Honestly speaking, it is unreasonable to expect recovery in just three months postpartum to return to the demands of everyday life.

    We work with you to prepare your pelvic floor and core muscles for birth, and safely navigate through the continuum of exercise through all of your postpartum phases so you can restore confidence in your body.

    Therapeutic Tune-up Sessions

    In these sessions we combine soft tissue mobilization and stretching to decrease pain and increase mobility. We are not massage therapist. However, as physical therapist, we have an extensive knowledge of manual interventions that all clients can benefit from even if you are not participating in physical therapy sessions. Please understand that these tune-up sessions do not replace physical therapy and if we come across an impairment that requires attention, we will refer you to our physical therapy services.

    We use our hands and instruments to reduce stress, improve circulation, reduce pain, eliminate toxins, improve flexibility, and reduce post-surgery and post-injury swelling. In addition to that we offer stretching, but please note that all stretching is not alike! Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching pairs concentric exercises to strengthen the muscle and eccentric movements to stretch the muscle. The complimentary movements create increased strength and improved muscle recruitment through the entire range of a muscle contraction, unlike most popular stretching techniques that only address flexibility at the end range of muscles. Ki-Hara’s scientifically-based methods reduce injury, balance muscle groups, and increase flexibility. With Ki-Hara, strength and flexibility go hand-in-hand.