• Nutrition Counseling

    Nutrition Counseling

    At Starting Pointe Therapy and Wellness we value the multi-disciplinary approach to support your health and well-being. That is why we have incorporated the expertise of a registered dietitian in our practice. Unlike certified nutritionists, dietitians are legally accepted as nutrition experts as they have had extensive academic training and are required to complete regular continuing education to ensure they have the tools and knowledge to stay current with evidence-based practice guidelines.

    With all the confusion of constantly changing dietary recommendations, popular diet fads, and the correlation of food to certain diseases, it is no wonder food and eating have become a source of stress and anxiety in our lives. Instead of fueling our bodies with foods high in nutrients that are essential to life and health, providing us energy, serving as the body’s building blocks for repair and growth, and regulating chemical processes in our body, we often succumb to what is convenient or what simply serves to satisfy our temporary cravings.

    Re-Fuel at Starting Pointe Therapy and Wellness is a dietary program that educates you to foster a harmonious relationship between food and your mental and physical health. Our registered dietitian is looking forward to meeting with you one-on-one to provide consultation to address your questions and concerns regarding management of diet-related health conditions, weight loss/management, or simply learning basic nutrition principles. During your consultation, we will help you to pinpoint your nutritional obstacles, identify your goals, determine the best way to get there and give you the education you need to advance from your Starting Pointe.

    Participating in Re-Fuel gives you nutritional counseling with the following services:

    • Comprehensive diet and lifestyle analysis
    • Customized nutrition plan to help you achieve long and short-term goals
    • Diet education materials and grocery shopping tips for lasting success
    • Weekly check-ins for accountability
    • Personalized calorie/macronutrient targets
    • Meal planning guidance and recipe suggestions